Third Wave Coffee is not a trend. It's an attitude.

The Drip is our coffee consultancy focussing on Specialty Coffee and the Third Wave approach. Since coffee has such importance to so many people, we believe in letting them know more about the industry and show them what potential coffee brings with it. It's not only a drink to wake up in the morning, but coffee also has so much more to offer. So the branding is bright and bold – as is coffee.


The bold logotype and the colour scheme reflect the business's expertise in Specialty Coffee — showing that coffee isn't only a black and bitter drink to which people need to add milk and sugar. On the contrary, it can be very playful, refreshing and bright in its taste. Since The Drip is a part of The Nordic Anchor Studios, it was pretty clear to us to use the bright blue as a secondary colour. So we incorporated it into the logo as a drop of water. The 'i' in Drip has the shape of an Aeropress, a tool to brew filter coffee, with the serifs taking on the silhouette of it. With its strong and provocative tagline, the brand expresses what it stands for. We believe that drinking good and honest coffee beans is not only a trend. It's an attitude. 


When we decided to work together as a coffee consultancy team, we had to find a name for our company of course. After thorough research and self-analysis, we came up with "The Drip" as the perfect name to describe what Specialty Coffee means to us. Every morning starts with the first drip of coffee falling from the filter into the server. Within the first drips, you can already see the brightness and colour of Specialty Coffee. To us, this is the best way to start the day. If those little drips bring such happiness to our lives, we want to make that happen for other people, too. Most of us have to get up very early to get to work, grabbing a quick coffee to go or walk straight to the coffee machine when entering the office. So why aren't there Specialty Coffee Shops at every corner in the city? Why does your office coffee taste so bad you have to add milk and sugar?

In Specialty Coffee, beans are mainly direct traded, farmers and farm workers are paid well and roasteries know exactly where their green coffee is from. We believe this approach to be an ethical question. Since the coffee industry is so huge, it is very important to us that the people who care for the product we are drinking, are paid well and cared for. All of this explains our tagline very well: Drinking Third Wave Coffee is not only a trend. It's an attitude.