Handmade with love for the little ones.

Sewing PNPPL is a fashion brand for children from northern Germany. The label focusses on high-quality romper suits for premature babies and leather shoes.


For the wordmark, we decided for a hand lettering combined with a bold sans serif font to visualise a playful handicraft, yet a high-quality product. The colours we chose, visualise the brand‘s name as well as the pattern which shows a stylized pineapple. Since every piece sold by Sewing PNPPL is unique and handmade, the tagline expresses exactly what the brand stands for.


Sewing PNPPL got its name from the founder, Anna-Lena Czieslik. The German word for pineapple is Ananas, this was her nickname for many years. When she started sewing, she needed to find a name for her business that shows a part of herself as well as being international and fun. Most kids fashion companies and labels do not design for prematurely born babies. So in general, it's very difficult for parents to find fitting clothes for their child. After all that struggle with the actual birth and complications, this problem should be taken from the family to focus on the happy moments. Also, the fashion label doesn't design ranges so clients can choose the colours and patterns for their little one.