Third Wave Coffee is not a trend. It’s an attitude.

The Drip is our coffee consultancy focussing on specialty coffee. We at The Nordic Anchor Studios analyse, design and coach your business from the bottom to the top. Our goal is to uplift your sales and to guarantee your customers the quality in beverages and food they deserve.

Our experience is based on seven years of working in the 
specialty coffee industry as well as in branding, graphic, packaging and screen design.


What we do


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Analysing your business

Our design department will analyse your business to find the perfect brand strategy for you. We will examine your corporate identity — meaning how your business behaves and appeals to your audience to specify the perfect target group for you.

Analysing your numbers

We will have a look at all your numbers to evaluate whether your business idea is profitable. Also, we will check where you can cut costs or what you need to spend more money to make things work.

Visualising your business

Re-branding is a great way to push your business to the next level and reposition your brand more profitably. Anything from minor changes to your logo all the way to a whole new corporate design is possible. If you are a roasting business, we would love to design your labels or coffee packages, as well as bottles or cans for cold beverages. Aside from all things printed, we also offer to do hand lettering work in your shop.

Planning your shop

Do you need help planning the layout of your coffee shop? We will optimise your bar for workflow.


Picking the right setup

Do you need help picking the right espresso machine and grinders to suit your needs? We have a lot of industry contacts to get you the best deals for any equipment.


Creating a fitting menu

We can also set up a menu to suit your coffee shop. Based on an analysis of your customers and location, we suggest which beverages and food to serve.

Training your staff

You can individualise the workshops you need.
Communication — espresso — filter coffee — quality control — workflow


Pushing your reach

We also offer a helping hand in the field of social media. When you are in need of a workshop on how to best manage your social media accounts, update your feeds, or how to advertise your business and your products.

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