Why working with a design studio often costs you more nerves than money you wanted to spend.


By Anne Maraike Czieslik

It must be hard for entrepreneurs to find the perfect match when it comes to design studios. There has already been a huge internal process going on when coming to the point of deciding to get a new corporate design or in terms of founders and startups, a whole new design. It’s an exciting journey you decided to take on and all you ask yourself is “Where do I get the best result for the lowest price?”

But good design takes time.
You shouldn’t worry about the money as much as the following questions:

— Are you attracted by the style of the design studio?
— Can you get a first idea of the overall process?
— Does this fit your processes?
— Are offers clear and transparent?
— Do you trust the people behind the studio as professionals?

All those facts are way more important than the question about money. And here is why:

— Often, perceptions diverge when it comes to processes or style preferences.
— People behind a company often have different opinions about their brand
— Everyone’s taste is different
— There’s a lack of transparency between both sides
— The designer doesn’t understand the client’s wishes
— The client doesn’t understand the designer’s choices
— The designer is missing a deeper understanding of the company
— There is no trust between both parties
— The client isn’t aware of what a whole corporate design consists of


So please be smart. It’ll cost you less in the end.


Here are some aspects to find the perfect matching design professional for your business:

1. Have a look at the portfolio
Do not only decide on how much you like the style of the logos. Go deeper. Do those logos have something special? Are they designed neatly? Are they professional? Those are important aspects of getting an idea of the designer’s skill level.

2. Is the style flexible?
There are two kinds of designers. Those who have a special style of creating and those who have several styles. Both types have their pros and cons.
You should decide for yourself: Do you like the style of a designer and want your business to look like this or do you want your business to embrace its own visual identity?

3. Don’t buy bullshit
Some design studios offer the same services to each and every client. Be sure the studio listens to your wishes and really consults you. A good sign is always when a studio dehorts one service but offers a better fitting one, explaining why exactly you would need it. This for example is part of our Corporate Creativity workshop where we evaluate communication channels together with our clients.

4. Is the studio interested in you and your brand??
Some designers offer an initial call. Those should always be free as you don’t know yet if both worlds will melt together or collide. In this initial call, the designer should ask questions about your company, your business idea, your current sales method and about the people behind your company. Who is the designer working with, what are their positions, do they decide alone?

5. In the end money still matters
The design studio should offer fitting services to your needs. If you’re a startup you may not afford an overall service. A basic corporate design should fit your needs. Your website may not look perfect yet, but you’re having a logo, font system and colour system to put on your product or visualise your communication channels with.
If you’re happy with the studio’s work, you could always come back once you’re ready.

If you’re a company and in need of a re-branding, you should think about getting a service consisting of several logos (primary and secondary) regarding facts as legibility etc. and a proper style guide as you surely work with several contractors and your corporate design should always look coherent. Also, you should ponder whether to put only your new logo onto your current website or if you want to spend money on an overall cohesive appearance?

A good design studio will advise you on what’s fitting best with your current situation.

But let’s just say that in general, it is always worth spending money on an overall cohesive brand appearance. It makes it look more professional and therefore generates better sales. So spending money on a proper corporate design will not cost you money, it’ll increase your sales.

All those are aspects we regard in our free initial call as well as in our Corporate Creativity workshop. Every project kicks off with this two-day workshop in order to build the right foundation to save you money and — for the both of us — time.

Sounds good to you?
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Do not choose your design studio by looking only at the pricing and style. Trust your gut, talk to the designer and ask questions. Personally, we believe in honest communication. That’s how we build the foundation for a smooth collaboration to find your perfect matching corporate design.