We don’t create brands — we brand personalities.

The Nordic Anchor Studios is a corporate design studio specialising in brand strategy and identity. Based in Hamburg, we work from several places with international clients in the fields of art & design and food & beverages.

Once your brand could live for years without refining in appearance, behaviour, personality or strategy. Times have changed. Today your brand needs to adapt quickly, while still holding onto that special personality that defines it.

We believe the resonance principle has the most powerful impact on our being – meaning you get treated the way you behave. Based on that principle, we link creativity with personality and created the method of "Corporate Creativity" to work most efficiently with our clients. Together, we design a unique voice and build worthy value for your business.


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Hej! We are a design studio from Germany specialising in bold and colourful graphic design that perfectly expresses your brand’s values. Also, we love drinking good coffee. And by good, we mean juicy fruit bombs. As we live and work by our key value — fairness — we combined both our passions to support two industries where these kinds of values are missing a lot. In graphic design, we aim for full transparency with our clients and only work with those who give it back to us. In Specialty Coffee, direct trade builds the foundation of this key value. Farmers are well paid for their work and roasters know exactly what green beans they get. At this point, transparency turns into honesty and we at The Nordic Anchor Studios believe this fact to be the key to success and great work.

The Nordic Anchor Studios

Design Studio

We at The Nordic Anchor studios develop bold and unique design solutions for products and businesses of the industry fields of art & design and food & beverages. Our focus lies on communicating company values. As we do not believe in typical target groups and personas, we will bring your values to life and help you to sell your product or brand by addressing the mindset of your potential customers or clients. Therefore we developed our Corporate Creativity workshop. This workshop is split into three parts and has its focus on finding the core values of your business. Also, we will have a look at the story your business wants to tell and how to communicate it as well as developing mood boards to know exactly what style and design you would like to have and on the other hand works best for your business.

You want to refresh your brand’s identity or design? A valuable corporate design and concept will help you to stand out from your competitors and approach the people that really care for your product and brand. The Nordic Anchor Studios will be the team member to your company that accompanies you with expertise in finding the right concept and design for communicating your product or brand.

If you are a startup or started founding your own business, we’d be delighted to help you define your core values and identity. Please have a closer look at our
Corporate Creativity workshop. We have a special offer for this workshop for you!

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The Drip

Specialty Coffee Consultancy

The Drip is our coffee consultancy focussing on specialty coffee. We analyse, design and coach your business from the bottom to the top. Our goal is to uplift your sales and to guarantee your customers the quality in beverages and food they deserve. 
‘The Drip’ perfectly describes what Specialty Coffee means to us: 
Every morning starts with the first drip of coffee falling from the filter into the server. Within the first drips, you can already see the brightness and colour of Specialty Coffee. To us, this is the best way to start the day. If those little drips bring such happiness to our lives, we want to make that happen for other people, too. Most of us have to get up very early to get to work, grabbing a quick coffee to go or walk straight to the coffee machine when entering the office. So why aren‘t there Specialty Coffee Shops at every corner in the city? Why does your office coffee taste so bad you have to add milk and sugar?

In Specialty Coffee, beans are mainly direct traded, farmers and farm workers are paid well and roasteries know exactly where their green coffee is from. We believe this approach to be an ethical question. Since the coffee industry is so huge, it is very important to us that the people who care for the product we are drinking, are paid well and cared for. All of this explains our tagline very well: Drinking Third Wave Coffee is not only a trend. It‘s an attitude.

Since you are busy leading your company, we are here to help you save time to focus on the duties that matter most to you.

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